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Zdjęcie realizacja Expositor Vortumnus

Expositor Vortumnus

The display was made for the Polish fruit and vegetable processing company Vortumnus. Thanks to the original design, the materials used and the precision of the plywood stand, it perfectly emphasises the quality of the products displayed in it. In this way, the specialness of the image is maintained.

The print was made using the reliable UV technique, which ensures the durability of the graphics. It has 5 shelves, each bearing a weight of approximately 50 kg. No tools are needed to assemble it and it is very easy to assemble, which shows another advantage.

Simple folding system

The system of clamps easy folding and ensures the durability of the structure.

Custom shape

We can cut out any shape, which will ensure the unique of your display.

Any number of shelves

Any number of shelves will place all your products.

Individual branding

Visibility of the stands will make them consistent with the visual identification of your brand.

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