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Plastic bags are most commonly used in mass marketing. Thanks to its strength, functionality and low price, it is an indispensable business tool.

We produce advertising bags made of LDPE (glossy, soft), HDPE (matt, rustproof) and MDPE (matt soft, frosted glass effect) of any size, shape or color, according to the standard or individual order of the customer. The products are characterized by high resistance to breaking, load resistance and lightness. Special handles facilitate transport and handling.

We offer plastic bags in three types:

Market plastic bag with a “bean” cut out. There is a possibility to fold the edges of the foil and strengthen the handles. In addition, a lower tab can be used to increase the capacity of the package and improve its appearance. The product is available in several colors and sizes. We make perforations and prints.

Plastic bag “t-shirt type” ,most commonly used type of foil advertising in hypermarkets. The main advantage of our products is the large capacity resulting from the use of side tabs. The product has comfortable, longer handles that provide comfort. Items are made of durable materials, and can also be covered with any print.

Plastic DKT bag , DKT type bag has the characteristics of a "market" bag, while strengthening the handle by pasting an additional layer of foil. The product is characterized by a typical cut, which acts as a handle. The object is created on the basis of high quality material, which can be additionally covered with interesting, branded print.                             

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