Advertising binders

Practically in every business, we find advertising binders in everyday use. They can become a perfect showcase for a company that fixes and completes its visual identity. Our binders are made according to the instructions given to us by our customers, taking into account their purpose. They can be of great value for everyday use in the office and serve as one of the advertising mediums.


  • rings - O - shaped (double and quadruple)
  • D - shaped (double and quad)
  • Levers - 50 and 75 mm

The additional features that make our product more functional are:

  • pockets on the back,
  • CD pockets,
  • pockets for documents,
  • dorsal meshes,
  • rado eyes,
  • registry,
  • pen holder,
  • wire clamps,
  • corner moldings,
  • matte or flash.